20 May

Far beyond Edgar Poe, dark birds of the Corvidae species seem to inhabit a defined symbology - the spirits of the dead or evil. All, in my mind and experience are false concepts. The crow or raven are perhaps the most intelligent birds on the planet and to many, as smart as dolphins in both vocal speech, memory, resourcefulness, and forethought. Simply, Corvids are highly evolved and complicated creatures smarter than most of the writers who use their likeness as symbols or characters in stories.

Birds of 'transformation' YES. Messengers for living hominids to pay attention to, indeed. Evil, no. Scavengers, of course. 'Hyper 'mocker's predicting or warning of Death - no. Sacred among tribal peoples - always n' forever as 'Kangi' (crow) is for the Lakota nation. I have my own special relationship with these fascinating birds especially when I garden or sing songs in the deep woods on our Vermont land called Bausch Lane Hill in the small town of Chittenden. Crows swoop in and usually laugh at my voice, ignore me completely or as I assume as they fly over, giggle - 'look at THAT one - silly egomaniac!' And they'd be right. I am SILLY. Not filled with blustering ego, however, but a vanity and desire to sing sacred Lakota songs as if my life depended 'pon it.

I remember when I stuck a plastic owl in the center of our garden next to a make-shift Halloween scarecrow when the twitchers and hoppers came in with incredulity: 'is that idiot kidding or what - a fake owl!' Now, every time I see the owl or the scarecrow I smile and look up mocking the crows with my own imitation of their caws and squeaks knowing THEY know more than I ever will about the planet I worship. 

End o' day, let the skies have the crows and ravens as seeing and hearing their presence always connects me to the mysteriousness of life. A 'murder of crows' how delightful. A 'conspiracy' or 'unkindness' of ravens - even better. For me, the only true 'murder of' or 'unkindness of ,' are us human folk. We ARE the unkind murderers or murderous unkindness on Mother Earth, no? Yes, of course we are. And with that folks, I say anytime you encounter these dark birds be sure to understand your place in the world as a hominid.

You ain't that special and in no way are you or WE the most intelligent beings in the fuckin' universe. Peace. A'ho. 



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